CerModern brings in something new for Turkey.


CerModern, with the Artist Residing Program, provides three studios in the main building to the usage of artists.


The program aims to create different branches of art in an arts center and both local and international artist can participate by either application or invitation. Periods for residency can change between four weeks and six months. Firstly, by appointment, it is required to meet with the artists who would want to work in a CerModern studio, so as to get information about their art productions. This program has an important place in CerModern’s cultural identity and it also supports collaborative projects that can be done among artists.


A modern arts center is another project to educate the society, likely to schools or colleges; it creates a collaboration between intellectual, aesthetic, emotional unity and high level of understanding.

Resided Artists

Mustafa Duymaz

Esin Aykanat Avcı

Zeynep Tunçel

For detailed information and application:

0 (312) 310 00 00 / 136