CerKids started to organize workshop series for kids in 11st December 2011, with the motto: “art by children, for children”. CerKids believes that supporting the unique world of kids with art contributes a lot to their cognitive, mental, emotional and artistic developments. This is why it presents all opportunities of plastic arts to kids.


Every weekend at CerKids, with the responsibility of workshop instructor Banu Taylan, workshops that address to 5-11 aged children are available. By these workshops, the creativity of children appears by making imagination, improvisation and different disciplines of art come together. The ‘Imagine Founders’ which participate these workshops are freely produce their work by telling stories, playing, vocalizing etc. with relation to modern art disciplines. Our workshops are open to innovation and change so kids can easily explore themselves.

*Workshop program is only for 5-11 aged children.

*To attend a CerKids workshop, you can pre-register after every Tuesday.

*Price of workshop: 60 TL

(%10 reduced price for CerModern Family members. )

You can pay the price before the workshop by cash or credit card.


Trainer Workshop

Banu Taylan


For more information and registration:


0 (312) 310 00 00 / 131 / 139