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Dance / Performance: X

20 August 2020 / 20:00

X - August 20th  8:00pm / Cer Modern Ankara

 inspired from Peter Abelard’s self convicted solitude..


Korhan Basaran will premiere it’s English version of his solo play ‘X’ at the Cer Modern of Ankara before taking it to London’s West End in the Fall. The show will make it’s UK debut as a part of the United Solo Festival on the 18th of November.

 The artistic director of his Company RAu, which operates between Istanbul and New York, Basaran will embody and reflect the loneliness and the self isolation of oneself.  The story is based on the renown French philosopher Peter Abelard who had experienced many misfortunes due to his beloved Heloise of Argenteuil and the text has been recomposed by Basaran from the letters of these unfortunate lovers and Ronald Duncan’s play.. Basaran will be accompanied by the visual design artist Ataman Girisken who helps create a whole new world on the stage. The costume is by Asli Filinta.


Conceptualized / Directed / Performed by Korhan Basaran

Video Design Artist / Creative Collaborator : Ataman Girisken

Costume Design : Asli Filinta


Although this passionate love affair took place nearly 1,000 years ago, it still makes for a powerful story today. Heloise was a bright, gifted student in 12th-century Paris who wanted most of all to answer the question of human existence. To help further her studies, her uncle Fulbert, canon of Notre Dame, enlisted the assistance of Peter Abelard, an outstanding philosopher. Abelard began to tutor Heloise, and although he was 20 years her senior, the two fell deeply in love

Soon Heloise was pregnant. A scandal was imminent, so the couple fled to Brittany, Abelard's home. Fulbert found out and was furious, and the two got married in an attempt to appease him. He wasn't satisfied, though. Heloise escaped to a convent in Argenteuil, but Abelard was attacked and castrated. They left their son, Astrolabe, in the care of Abelard's sister and ultimately took holy orders as a monk and nun.

Although Abelard and Heloise were separated for years, their love relationship lives on through their correspondence.

Today, they are interred together in Paris' Pére Lachaise cemetery.


The text has been recomposed by Basaran from the text of Ronald Duncan's 'Abelard and Heloise' -translated to Turkish by Zeynep Avci- and from the original letters that were translated by Ralph Fletcher Seymour -to Turkish by Korhan Basaran-.