Shape&Shapers: Contemporary Czech Design

28 September- 30 October 2019

A versatile and playful exhibition which invites art and design lovers to explore the amazing imagination, technical mastery, knowledge of materials, and sense of humour, all coming from a small country in Central Europe.


Czech Republic is internationally celebrated for its famous Bohemian crystal and centuries old glass-making tradition, that belongs to one of the oldest in Europe. But there is much more to Czech design! Presenting a selection of some of the best Czech companies and designers, Shapes and Shapers: Contemporary Czech Design is the largest exhibition of Czech design in Turkey to date. Apart from glass, it includes furniture, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, funky eye-wear and even a little journey into the modern history of Czech design.


The exhibition is divided into three main sections. The Story of Czech Design introduces the development of design in the Czech Republic between 1918-2018 and features some of the most iconic objects created in the past century. From Libuše Niklová´s inflatable toys, through cubist ceramics and furniture, legendary chairs created by Jindřich Halabala, to city bikes and pocket knives in the shape of a fish, all the objects are timeless in their quality.


The second section, Czech Design Brands, focuses on lighting products and glassware, but also adds examples of bentwood furniture by the legendary Czech brand TON. Spectacular mouth-blown glass chandeliers provided by Lasvit and Bomma will hang from the ceilings, hand-cut crystal by Rückl will glow in the shades of grey, pink and bronze, and exquisite decorative glassware commissioned by Moser will continue to enchant with its unparallel colour scale and designs ranging from art nouveau to contemporary geometric shapes.


Art Design, the final section, is a free dive into creativity and diversity of material and form. More than twenty designers, including the youngest generation, present their work: vases made of snow (Maxim Velčovský) or fluorescent uranium glass (Rony Plesl), cheeky mirrors (Jakub Berdych Karpelis), tapestries made of recycled wool (Tereza Rosalie Kladošová), objects for a trip to Mars (studio K.O.V.), earrings inspired by comets (Nastassia Aleinikava), bulbs with wings (Emel Erdem), or illustrated table-ware (Michal Bačák).


Visitors are also invited to take part in live glass blowing demonstrations with Dechem Studio and ceramic workshops led by Roman Šedina during the opening weekend.


Organizers: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ankara, Cermodern Arts Center, Czech Centres


Partners: Bilkent University, Cermodern, Paşabahçe, TEPTA Lighting, MASiFwall, DererDerer


Curator: Tereza Porybná


Story of Czech Design is curated by Iva Knobloch, Jakub Berdych Karpelis and Josef Tomšej


Architecture:  İ.D. Bilkent University Department of Architecture (Segah Sak, Yiğit Acar, Deniz Gürata, Elif Polat, Ahmet Ünveren)


Graphic design: Ekin Kılıç


List of Designers and Exhibitors: Nastassia Aleinikava, Michal Bačák, Bomma, Dechem Studio, Emel Erdem, Geometr, Inneke Hans, Jakub Berdych Karpelis, Tereza Rosalie Kladošová, K.O.V. Studio, Křehký Gallery, Lasvit, Moser, Paşabahçe, Jiří Pelcl, Milan Pekař, Rony Plesl, Qubus Design Studio, Rückl, Roman Šedina, Vratislav Šotola, Klára Šumová, TON, Maxim Velčovský.