Özgür Ballı:  ‘Newest Media’

09 March / 04 April 2021

The digitalized culture, which is arisen from the developing technology, has affected today’s art world, which is in search of the new, and the artists who feel themselves close to these developments. Especially, today's art, which positions itself in the path to digitalization, practice upon the potential area offered by digital technologies, where it seizes the opportunity of new application areas and management of experience. Özgür Ballı, as one of the artists influenced by digital culture and developing technology, focuses on the field of digital art, in which computers are playing a huge role in the productions, adding non-physical objects or digital forms to be displayed by transforming them into images. Using different mediums such as augmented reality, digital sculpture, digital painting, artificial intelligence and digital installation, he continues to produce artworks by passing through the gates of a brand new world.


In the Newest Media Series which has been created using Augmented Reality Technology, Özgür Ballı is focusing on the production of interactive contents without interfering the originality and reality of the concrete forms. Synthesizing the language of digital technology, which he has been exposed for a long time, with his own intellectual world, the artist focuses on the representations of images and examines the transformation of new media into a traditional medium in the exhibition, which is designed as a display of 15 digital prints in 25x25 cm frames.


By using technology, the exhibition Newest Media underlining the statements that the definition of the concept of ‘New Media’ is either in a transformation process or a traditional medium as a result of advanced technological developments. Just as images show not the real world, but a representational world, as in traditional mediums, the phenomenon 'new media', which is considered to be out of use, has been idealized and started to speak with the language of images that are far from individuality. However, today's world, where post-modern expressions are more common, individuality and mobile technologies, that are come into existence with the digitalized culture, does not content with the representations of the images presented, but does try to question the underlying implication behind what is seen. Nevertheless, the Newest Media series, created by Özgür Ballı, presenting and implying a new potential of reality that is a combination of different realities. The exhibition focuses on dystopia, utopia, new world, new reality, and questions the context of the new media concept within the current political, social and cultural dynamics.


Curated by Dilek Karaaziz Şener, the exhibition of Özgür Ballı named "Newest Media", will be available for visiting at CERMODERN between March 9 and April 4, 2021. The last year, we experienced times that physical contact was impossible.  Digital media became globalized and we became more dependent. Now, we are physically returning to the exhibition hall with the exhibition of Özgür Ballı that is created with new media technologies. It creates its own inner loop to be able to ask new questions related to the times we have been lately experienced.