Hande Şekerciler/Arda Yalkın

26  March - 18 May 2021

How is art differentiated itself when it is realized in real life practice and when it takes place in the digital platform? ha: ar ,in which the artist duo Hande Şekerciler and Arda Yalkın is carried out their projects together, reflects their long years of experience in Istanbul and New York, and  their stimulating interpretations to this question, as well as daily life, myths, and the meaning of the truth in our world and the other.


In the new exhibition of the artist duo named ha: ar that will be opened to visitors in the CerModern South Hangar Gallery; the works from series ‘Lucid’ and ‘Impossible Sculptures’ reflect on their exciting forms as well as the art practice that is realized in the real world and the digital platforms. The duo creates a world with sculptors that seem nearly impossible to construct physically in the ‘Series of Impossible Sculptures’.  This series, which consists of unique works created during the times in which efforts for intellectual, anatomical and aesthetic production come together, starts from a point on the screen and develops by including the artworks on a 3-dimensional space. This very first point paves the way for a story that can develop in any direction in a digital universe. By juxtaposing dual, philosophical and mythical narratives in a new universe of infinite possibilities, the exhibition aims to portray the reality of everyday life, which is increasingly defined and experienced digitally. Lucid, on the other hand, offers the experience of observing the self of an artist who is stuck in between the real and the surreal, or perhaps the reality and the digital and tries to experience the reality in a digital way, just like having a "lucid" dream.


Digital works that are coming into existence by going through a process of creating a sculpture in a real environment with efforts of realization for long months or even years, also in need of  stories and conceptual backgrounds. The artist duo states that similar creative experiences like this are also seen in the production of digital sculptures just as creating  a bronze sculpture when the twists that go beyond the planned form  by heating and give more fascinating form rather than the planned structure.


ha: ar invites the audience to rethink the digital art through the artists’ works that put forth the overwhelming question of how the most formative works such as sculpture exist in the digital world that is rapidly changing every passing second.