Hande Şekerciler: ecstasy

3 March - 20 April 2021

We are going through a time when the humanity is in peace with itself the least, but keeps the track of itself the most. These are the times when one is the most interested in another but keep the distance the most.

Hande Şekerciler brings the contradictions and different states of mind into being with her sculptures in the exhibition named ecstasy, but her works are the manifestation and unity of those feelings of the ones that keep believing in another world.


Stating that she feels the need to incarnate her thoughts that are shaped around those of Albert Camus’, Hande Şekerciler is inspired by the statement of his; "Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.”

She is presenting the feelings of inadequacy and even more worthlessness that people try to avoid for themselves and for the others, as stationary forms that reverse themselves in the parallel universe. The exhibition ecstasy is offering an entrance to a space where everything is easefully accepted in a world that we presume to be always lost and incomplete.


On the other hand, the nude sculptures in ecstasy is an attempt to create characters who are gendered, totally purified from the conventional labels, accessories and even hair and are ready to embrace their sex and gender peacefully. The artist’s interest in using technology and new production techniques is also a great help to combine classical forms with contemporary methods.


By means of the craftsmanship of the artist, and pantone colors she produces turns these Hellenistic and Renaissance forms as magnificent compositions accompanied with her ability to encolour the sculptures.


Hande Şekerciler, who was previously awarded the Residency Unlimited in New York, is conducting a project named ha:ar where she align herself with Arda Yalkın. The project aims to look for new aesthetics to integrate digital technology into traditional art works.


The exhibition ecstacy, will be presenting at CerModern with the participation of Arda Yalkın in both North and South Hangar Galleries. It is precisely the same as the reflection of the conceptual frame of the ha:ar.